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Americom Marketing

Built to Serve.

It’s more than just advertising. It’s your business. It’s your people.

It’s building something meaningful.

Something this important calls for reliability and performance, and that’s precisely what we do at Americom Marketing.

With our experience, our passion, our tools, and talent, we are built to serve.

about americom marketing,about us

Founded in 2000, Americom was built on bridging the gap between traditional advertising and digital marketing.

In a few short years, the business outgrew two offices from more successful work in consulting, national media buying, website development, and design.

Recognizing the open landscape of B2B and industrial enterprises, Americom co-founded the eCommerce software, AmeriCommerce™, which was sold to Capital One in November of 2014.

Americom Marketing continued its award-winning success in digital marketing, creative design, and video production, and in 2017 we added a new studio— bringing more video and audio production opportunities in-house and giving a new definition to our “full service” ad agency.

In 2020 — our twentieth anniversary — The Manifest recognized Americom Marketing as a Top Creative Agency as well as a Top Digital Marketing Agency.

about americom marketing,about us

We plan it, we create it, we execute it, and we make it work. We partner with clients both large and small to strategize and carry out a variety of marketing services.

For larger businesses — we are an extension of your marketing department.

As your ad agency, we work with you to execute your marketing plan. As your production team, we produce creative content to drive traffic, get attention, and close the sale.

For small to mid-size organizations — We are your go-to team.

Marketing Directors trust us to help develop marketing ideas and/or execute the game plan. For some teams, we’re a secret weapon. For smaller organizations, we ARE your marketing director to lead ROI initiatives and create action.

• Advertising Campaigns, Brand Development + Strategy, Media Buying

• Digital Marketing, Website Development, Creative Services

• Video Production, Radio and TV Commercials

• Product Launches, Packaging, and more

Over the years, we’ve teamed with nearly every category of business including industrial services and equipment, financial services, collectibles, skincare, healthcare, manufacturers, real estate and property management, retail, food and beverage, jewelry, and more.

No matter the size or budget, our experience and our resources work for you.

about americom marketing,about us

Our strategic, thoughtful work has reached across the globe and garnered local, regional, and national awards. But we’re more than just creative talent…

When you work with Americom Marketing, you’re working with experienced professionals — a full team of savvy media consultants, entrepreneurs, accomplished artists, marketing veterans, and yes – talented young guns.

You’re working with real, successful, hands-on experience from all ends of the spectrum. Our team members have held roles in Fortune 500 Companies, education, nonprofit organizations, media companies, advertising and production agencies. Some have even managed or owned their own small businesses.

This all adds up to give YOU valuable perspective as we work with you. We’ve been on your side of things and we are committed to your success.

With his years in advertising media sales (both radio and newspaper) and extensive experience in workflow automation, our president and CEO, Charlie Cooper, started Americom Marketing with a passion for marketing and a vision for connecting strategic partnerships.

That vision continues today as Cooper invests in the success of others with best-in-class service and support.

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“This is the first time I have worked with a designer [firm] who has such a great understanding of web design and takes it on to make the best possible website.”
Damini B.