Celebrities give a voice to social distancing. See how they're helping get the message out.

March 25, 2020 2 min read

COVID-19, a virus that has seized the world and left an air of uncertainty. We’ve all seen the news stories, know the symptoms by heart, and have heard the term social distancing in the past few weeks more than we had in our entire lifetime before.

Amidst all this we are beginning to witness a global unity like never before on social media.

Government officials are asking celebrities to help stop the spread and flatten the curve. Many well-known stars, such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are taking their power of influence to remind people by staying home we are regaining control little by little by minimizing the spread of the virus.

 Arnold Schwarznegger social distancing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was amongst the first of government officials to align with public celebrities like Danny DeVito and Robert De Niro to get the word out about the severity of the virus and the importance of staying home.

The depth of the government and celebrity teamwork against the spread of COVID-19 is like nothing we’ve seen before. We’ve seen sports endorsements for energy drinks, or for insurance but now we see the endorsements for social distancing, flattening the curve, and staying at home to hopefully increase the populations awareness and proactiveness for the virus.

Digital marketing and marketing in general is designed to be educational and entertaining. The difference now is that instead of educating and entertaining to benefit a single company or person, we are seeing selfless marketing creations to simply help the world remain optimistic and serve the public through these uncertain times.

Truly these are hard times, weddings and graduations are being cancelled, families and friends are having to shut their doors to one another, but we are not totally disconnected.

Here are a few ways we stay connected through social media:

  • Many gyms and social media influencers are posting free at home workouts. Big churches and even local churches are live streaming services so you can still worship with your church family.
  • Grocery stores are communicating with their customers via social media to keep everyone updated and informed.

Making social sacrifices and putting your plans on hold is hard, I know it is, but remember by making those sacrifices you are doing your part in minimizing the spread of the virus to those you love, the elderly, and the weak.





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