Industry Award - Americom Wins Davey for Design

December 19, 2020 2 min read

Davey Award for Design

The creative crew at Americom Marketing are proud winners of a 2020 Davey Award.

HB Nield Trophy

The team's work in art direction, design, and copywriting for long-time client, H.B. Neild Construction, has earned a silver award in the category of Promotional Sales Kit Folder. The branded booklet design serves as a multi-purpose marketing piece for H.B. Neild — complete with binding, pockets, and inserts for customized presentations.

Industrial-Strength Design

The cover shows the strength, power, and assuredness of the H.B. Neild brand while the interior booklet pages detail company history and legacy, distinct lines of business and services, and high quality visuals for their statement of qualifications.

As an interesting, unique element to the wide format design, the inside back cover features a folder pocket. This pocket holds individual inserts that list out more detail, credentials, and commentary along with mini photo galleries. Additionally, the business card insert in the back makes this an all-in-one sales tool.

HB Nield Booklet Design

HB Nield Inserts

"This design pushes it beyond the classification of just another 'brochure' in that it is more comprehensive, it's certainly different in look and feel, and it really allows for more customization," says Charlie Cooper, Americom President & CEO. "It works as a hand-out, as a trade show piece, and even as a presentation; their staff can insert as much particular information or portfolio material to fit any sales opportunity both quickly and efficiently."

The 89-year old construction company dominates the Southeast Texas market in industrial construction, commercial construction, institutional, and other industrial services. The booklet showcases all of these equally, page by page and with supplemental inserts so that each gets proper attention.

"Neild is a stellar organization and their work is really impressive. Since 1932, they continue to do outstanding work so we had awesome material to work with in photos and archive images," says Creative Director, Lance LaRue. "Working with H.B. Neild is always exciting and this is the newest proof of that."

HB Nield Inserts

Since printing the booklet this summer, we are pleased to report that the piece has garnered a lot of attention from industrial partners, clients, and vendors. Americom Marketing is always proud to work with companies of integrity and strong, reliable reputations like H.B. Neild. It's a blessing to get to produce work that reflects their virtues and represents them in the field.

HB Nield Comment

Americom and the Daveys

Americom is no stranger to the Davey Awards, which honors small to mid-size agencies across the country. The agency has won Daveys in recent years for categories including video production, social media content marketing, design, and branding campaigns.

The Davey Awards is sanctioned and judged by the AIVA - the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts — consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms such as Microsoft, MTV, Yahoo, and Disney. Visit to learn more.

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