Top 5 Reasons Why Video Belongs in Your Marketing Plan

August 30, 2019 2 min read

Video in your marketing

Here are 5 crucial reasons video belongs in your marketing plan:

1. Grabs Audience Attention

Think of the sound of a tree falling in a forest metaphor. If the tree falls and no one hears the sound did it make a sound at all?

If the tree falls and no one hears the sound did it make a sound at all?

In many cases the world is suffering from digital overload and attention spans are getting shorter.

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to grab your audience’s attention.

In marketing and advertising it does no service to reach thousands of viewers without also gaining their focus. It is the difference between reach and attentive reach.

2. Increases SEO

Ah, SEO. Search Engine Optimization—the secret magical words that help your website show up first in searches.

According to our digital marketing director, Blake Royer, there are several ways video can boost your SEO.

One of which being if you optimize the key words of in your video.

Google's Video Intelligence API can catalog relevant keywords within a video, increasing the opportunity of your video showing up first.

Thus, grabbing the attention of your audience and leading them to your page.

The SEO Wizard

3. Increases Dwell Time

Another way is that it keeps your viewer engaged and on site longer(aka Dwell Time), increasing your on-page SEO.

Dwell time is the amount of time that passes between the moment a user clicks a search result and subsequently returns to the SERPs. It is one of the 200+ SEO measurement tools used for search engine rankings.

Video keeps people on your website by higher engagement than simple text alone. It may take them 1 minute to scroll through a body of text, but if you include a 6 minute video that explains the answer to their question or is simply entertaining you could keep them on your page longer.

4. Video Creates Conversions

According to Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016 report adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Video offers more inciteful information, which allows viewers to get to know you and your product/service in depth.

Developing a feeling of familiarity generally leads to an increase of trust. The more a viewer trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you.

5. Higher Retention Rate

I like to relate this to the different learning styles we all heard about in school.

VARK is an acronym for the Visual (V), Auditory (A), Read/Write (R) and the Kinaesthetic (K) sensory modalities, developed by Fleming and Mills, that describes the main learning styles.

Video can relate to all 4 of these different learning styles by giving a visual and auditable presentation of a product/service/information/”how-to.” It can include text descriptions and even give a live breakdown on process and developments.

Therefore, video will generate a higher retention rate amongst audiences versus a photo, voice memo, or text alone.

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