Dragon Products, LTD + Americom

industrial marketing

Manufacturing Marvels.

Dragon Products, LTD is the industry standard in industrial trailers, containers, tarps and manufacturing equipment in North America. For high quality, high-volume, and expansive production for agriculture and petrochemical/oil and gas, there’s simply no heavy equipment solutions company like Dragon Products.

They serve nationally in bulk storage, liquid hauling, pumps, trailers, roll-off equipment and mobile rigs.

Americom proudly serves Dragon with digital marketing, design, video production, and other b2b marketing capacities to announce, engage, and deliver.

industrial marketing

Making the Difference.

We’ve worked diligently with Dragon to produce digital ads, product photography, copywriting, branding videos, and descriptive product videos that serve sales teams.

Our work with planning and managing their online presence along with tactical SEO and SEM are all rewarding efforts as we battle competitors and serve target b2b markets.

One example of our work with Dragon is our national award-winning infographic that details industry trends in sand and fracking plus their economical impacts. With charts, graphs, and illustrative design components, it’s a key feature in our content marketing. See below for more.

It’s partners like Dragon that put us in position to do what we do best for branding, digital marketing, and reaching target markets through our data and creativity.

Click on the thumbnails below for samples of our work with Dragon Products, Ltd.

Let's Get to Work.