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A Dealership That Delivers.

Kinsel Toyota (now Doggett Toyota) is the largest Toyota dealership in Beaumont, Texas. Kinsel’s commitment to the customer experience is exemplified in every square inch of their facility. With personal attention and boundless philanthropic footprints in Southeast Texas, Kinsel continues to push the goalsof sales and service as they redefine what it means to be a trusted, community car dealership.

Kinsel believes in the full life of the vehicle—for both the owner and the vehicle itself. They continue to deliver new proof points, and the results in customer loyalty are loud and clear. We’re honored to work with Kinsel Toyota for building and branding meaningful messages with real results.

automotive marketing

All About You.

After a successful 2017, the dealership wanted more personal service reflected in their advertising endeavors and aimed for more activity in the sales funnel than what they’d experienced with a national auto agency. We capitalized on this virtue for Kinsel and released the “It’s All About You” brand campaign. Americom’s art direction, brand management, and traditional advertising for the campaign has broken through to the market with great results. Within the first three months, our digital marketing numbers surpassed the previous year’s! By year’s end, we saw double digit gains in sales and service departments.

Kinsel proves to be the kind of car dealership that makes it all about “you” the customer. That’s a concept we’re happy to promote! Along with social media and digital marketing, video production, custom design, and more, it’s exciting to serve the branding and marketing needs of Kinsel Toyota.

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