Political Season(ing) Can Be Delicious

December 8, 2014

TexJoy Yes We Cayenne! Political Seasoning


Political advertising can make for cluttered street corners, Facebook feeds and commercial breaks. They are often intrusive, garish, and annoying. We thought, why not have fun with that?!? So that’s just what we did with Texjoy seasonings, turning Political Season Campaigns into Political Seasoning Ad Campaigns. With clever phrases and strategic locations, TexJoy had a big presence in a short amount of time this political season. All around Beaumont & Port Arthur street corners and designated voting locations, the bright yellow signs jumped out among the sea of ads for judge, governor, city council and more this October and November leading up to Election Tuesday.
Obama’s famous line of “Yes, We Can!” was inspiration for the first sign – “Yes, We Cayenne!” (referencing the Cajun red pepper). After that came “Right Wing. Left Wing. Vote BUFFALO Wings with TexJoy,” which invites customers to think of using Texjoy spices on a different type of meal than they may normally be accustomed. And let’s face it, it unites voters for a peaceful, delicious election.

“We liked the idea of seeing these random signs among the routine, boring political signs to promote Texjoy in a less-than-obvious way,” says Lance LaRue, Creative Director. “Personification and strategic little plays on political buzz words and things just sounded funny, it’s unexpected for both timing and product, and we knew they would initiate some double-takes from drivers and voters. Democrat, Republican…everyone can agree on Texjoy’s great flavors.”

TexJoy is a regional spice, seasonings and coffee company from Southeast Texas. Their signature steak seasoning continues to be a staple in kitchens across Texas and Louisiana, and their other spices and coffees are sold online at www.texjoy.com. “We want to advertise outside the box, and that’s what this is,” says Joseph Fertitta, Texjoy Vice President of Marketing. “It’s guerilla marketing at a noticeable time of year.”
We are happy to say that the political seasoning ads garnered some great attention and exposed some longtime customers to some of the newer, different spices in the Texjoy product catalog that they may have previously overlooked. Steak seasoning has long been the signature item, but new spices like the chicken spice (Rooster Booster) and pork rub (Butt & Rib Tickler) among other spices may get a few new fans. The signs even caught the eye of the Beaumont Enterprise and a lot of Facebook likes, shares and comments – snowballing the efforts and exposure. The political season may be over for now, but we are eager for the 2015 primaries and future political seasons. We have more fun ideas with TexJoy in the future and we’re so fortunate to have courageous, fun, and willing folks such as them to work with on these campaigns.

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