Award Winning: 32nd Annual Excellence in the Media Awards

June 6, 2023

Grateful for our wins at the Press Club of Southeast Texas 32nd Annual Excellence in the Media Gala!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent acknowledgements at the Press Club of Southeast Texas 32nd Annual Excellence in the Media Gala! The event was a celebration of excellence in various media categories, and we are incredibly grateful for the recognition our team received. We extend our appreciation to these exceptional team members and valued partners who contributed to these achievements.


2nd Place – TexJoy + Seaport Coffee “100 Years – The Legacy”

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the exceptional team at the Texas Coffee Company, who played a pivotal role in the creation of the remarkable documentary, “100 Years – The Legacy.”

We extend our appreciation to the Texas Coffee Company team (Joseph Fertitta, Donald Fertitta, Greg Busceme, Jr., Steve-Lyle, Toby Castro, Carlo Busceme IV, Carlo Busceme, Jr., the late Olivia “Dimples” Messina, and the numerous other individuals that are part of the Texas Coffee Company team involved in this project. Your dedication and unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of TexJoy Seasonings and Seaport Coffee‘s century-long legacy were truly remarkable.

The documentary serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of TexJoy and Seaport Coffee, celebrating a century of quality and innovation. It takes viewers on a journey through time, exploring the roots of these beloved brands and the impact they have had on the community. Your collective efforts have not only preserved a remarkable heritage but also illuminated the stories behind the products that have become a cherished part of people’s lives.

Explore the comprehensive article available at TexJoy’s website: Lights, Camera, Celebration: Texas Coffee Company Video Documents 100 Years. It provides further insights into the making of this extraordinary documentary and the journey that unfolded behind the scenes.

Learn more at

Creative Team: Richard Johnson, Lance LaRue, Ryan Rippeon, Travis Myers, and Amanda Prince.

Best News Station / Business Promotion Video:
2nd Place – Gulf Credit Union “Easy Auto Loans”

Developing a creative auto loan commercial in a time when automotive dealership lots were empty due to supply chain issues from COVID was quite the task. Our team brainstormed many ideas and ultimately chose to go with a cheeky husband/wife dynamic of which both have a different idea of the “perfect” vehicle to buy. Well, when you finance your auto loan with Gulf Credit Union, you won’t have to compromise—you can finance two vehicles! That’s what we like to call a win, win, win!

Learn more about Gulf Credit Union at

Special thanks to Sue Lane, Carrie Morgan Fontenot, Bambi McGinn, Chrissie Roberts.
Creative Team: Richard Johnson, Ryan Rippeon, Amanda Prince, Blake Royer
Talent: Darin Lopez, Reese Ravencraft, Mary Inger Hooker
Location: Justin Bumsted for making this commercial possible!


Best Use of Social Media by an Organization:
3rd Place – DJ’s Boudain



Creating tasty content for one of the most beloved food brands from Beaumont, Texas comes easy to us. From developing recipes to mouth-watering photos to driving traffic to grocery stores that sell DJ’s Boudain, we are always striving to make boudain look tantalizing so people will give it a try!

If you’re from Louisiana, you might be hesitant to give “boudain” a try because it’s not spelled the familiar “boudin” way. Our job is to educate folks on the story of why the “A” was added in the first place—it stands for AWESOME! And that’s exactly what our content strives to prove.

Learn more about DJ’s Boudain at

Special thanks to DJ’s Boudain for allowing us to be the voice of their brand!
Creative Team: Amanda Prince, Richard Johnson, Ryan Rippeon

Special Events Material:
Honorable Mention – Beaumont Interfaith Choral Society “Festiva”


Beaumont Interfaith Choral Society was founded in 1995 by a group of dedicated individuals passionate about choral music. Over the years, it has grown into a respected ensemble known for its exceptional performances and commitment to artistic excellence. With that growth, new leadership came to us asking to help promote their 60th Season Performance entitled “Festiva” by incorporating various advertising platforms and outlets.

Combining traditional and digital media, we create an event campaign that yielded a successful event with an impressive turnout.

Learn more at

Special thanks to Beaumont Interfaith Choral Society and Crystal Horton Wells!
Creative Team: Amanda Prince, Ryan Rippeon
Media Team: Chrissie Roberts


Corporate / Institutional Video:
Honorable Mention – Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation “It’s On! In Southeast Texas: The Workforce Advantage”

We were honored to be asked for the 3rd year in a row to create the video for the SETEDF 2023 Economic Forecast luncheon! The Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation, an economic development organization comprised of the Texas counties of Hardin, Jefferson and Orange, recognize the benefit in showcasing the attributes of this region in a comprehensive, united fashion.

As the oil refining capital of the world, we took a look at the incredible growth that is happening but also emphasizing the environmental stewardship of these initiative.

Special thanks to the Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation board of directors!

Creative Team: Richard Johnson, Lance LaRue, Ryan Rippeon, Charlie Cooper, Amanda Prince, Kevin Clay


Thank you again to our talented team and valued partners for making these achievements possible!

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