Marketing Southeast Texas: It’s On!

March 31, 2021

Charlie Cooper SETDEF Presentation


The economy in the greater Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange area is heavily impacted by oil and gas with 3 of the nation’s largest refineries all located in the region—including the largest refinery in all of North America. Along with industrial manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and skilled labor, the industry support is highly visible and forever strong.

However, with highlights such as a powerful international reach in energy production, 40% of businesses owned by women, world renowned artists and art museums, limitless sports and outdoors, and 97,000 acres of national reserve  —there’s much more to Southeast Texas than the industrial towers and the soaring pine trees…

We are proud to work on some exciting branding and marketing projects for the Southeast Texas Economic Foundation. The Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation (SETEDF) is an outstanding organization dedicated to generating economic growth for the region, largely the Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange counties of Texas. With different counties addressing specific needs, the SETEDF joins all forces together to assist small businesses in the region for business development, including long term fixed rate financing for real estate acquisitions, equipment purchases, and real estate investments.

Our latest project in promoting the area’s economy is a continuation of the It’s On campaign called “Living in Southeast Texas.” With a mix of video, digital, and print design, this campaign is built to display some of the highlights, fan favorites, hidden gems, and personality of the Southeast Texas area. The 5-minute video is a mini documentary that uncovers the riches of the Golden Triangle, complete with brief interviews and insights of business, recreation, education, culture, and the Texas-Louisiana landscape.




“We’ve had the pleasure of working on videos and campaigns for the SETEDF in the past where we really focused on the numbers—economic impact, figures and stats of job opportunities, and so forth. Those are great to promote the business side of things. But this video was particularly a joy because it puts the culture on full display,” says Lance LaRue, Creative Director of Americom Marketing.  “This shines a spotlight on some surprises and shows the character. It was a lot of fun to write rather romantically about home and to map it all out and film with our team.”

Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation SETDEF Post Card

The SETEDF hosts an annual kickoff in the late winter/early spring to inform and educate businesses of the area. We were afforded the opportunity to premier the video at this year’s breakfast event as a great introduction to new beginnings and adventures for 2021.  Our owner and president, Charlie Cooper, spoke to a full-capacity audience at the Beaumont Event Centre and gave his take on what it means to do business in the area.


“It’s a blessing to work with SETEDF, Jim Rich, and all the team,” Cooper says.  “The event is one of the finest in Beaumont. The keynote speaker was terrific and the momentum, the passion, and the optimism in the room was remarkable.  It’s an honor to present the video and for our company to support the economy and lifestyle of Southeast Texas.”

Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation SETDEF Charlie Cooper



Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation Card

“We invite everyone to check out and to share it out. There’s plenty of insights and fun facts about our area that even locals would be surprised to learn. It’s all designed to be helpful tools to recruit for business, education, for the skilled workforce, and ultimately for families to come to the Golden Triangle for a bright future.”

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