JOY Ride: A Campaign to Celebrate

August 10, 2021

To make it 100 years in any business is an outstanding accomplishment, but for a family-owned business to make it…well, that’s incredible special! This year, the Texas Coffee Company is doing exactly that. This summer marks the historic celebration, and we are overjoyed (pun intended) to play a part of the festivities and share the good news.

Since 1921, the coffee and spice company has continued to be a family-owned company. Starting out as a grocery store business, then roasting coffee out of a shotgun shack and delivering around Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, and then expanding into spices and steak seasonings (and BBQ rubs and Cajun seasonings and so on), the Texas Coffee Company has seen it all. From wars and rationing to passing fads and ever-changing competition to hurricanes and freezes and everything in between, the little family company has grown and flourished through it all. Seaport Coffee and TexJoy Seasonings are staples in kitchens, patio grills, countertops, and restaurants throughout East Texas. Their signature classic TexJoy Steak Seasoning is a household must-have while their Saltgrass 7 Steak Spice (for Saltgrass Steakhouse) is always in demand.

We are honored to work with the Texas Coffee Company and get the word out about their 100th year milestone.  It’s a joy to sing the praises of the company, the people, and the products. We toyed around with ideas a couple of years ago in preparation for the 2021 year of celebration. Their leadership team was quick to make this a celebration of EVERYONE involved, which means the employees (current and past), the family members, the retailers, and most importantly — the customers. They wanted to share fun shareable items and surprises for all to celebrate. With a heart of gratitude, the TexJoy and Seaport brands have much to celebrate this 2021.

Texjoy Cheers

We started off the year with a couple of 100th anniversary logos.  Next came some graphics to push out in social media and the website. Historic photos, old family recipes, and fun archival images like old advertisements from the mid 1960s and old seasoning jars and labels were shared out. Then came more fun projects like stickers, our coffee infographic, and the all new limited edition commemorative spice tin.  The tins are an homage to the old original packaging and feature a subtle repeat 100 pattern along with the anniversary logo. These are now for sale in local grocery stores around SETX and at online store.

Most recently, we completed their all new commemorative cookbook 100 Years of Joy!  This cookbook is about 30% bigger than previous Texjoy cookbooks. It’s a special collection of recipes from decades ago of family and friends, plus new surprises.

“The cookbook is a great opportunity for both the company and the customers to have a piece of history,” says Amanda Prince, Social Media and Brand Manager. “Some of these family recipes date back to their early years from cousins and aunts and grandparents…it’s a legacy book. Plus, we have new recipes that cover everything from beverages to desserts and trendy dishes and more.”

The cookbook also has a center photo section filled with some rare historic photos and images. Some never before seen to the public.  The cookbook and new tins are available at

“Creating fun things and coming up with ideas is never a problem with Texas Coffee,” says Lance LaRue, Creative Director.  “The most challenging part (in working with TexJoy and Seaport) is knowing when to stop or which fun new thing to prioritize. Whiteboards are full. We’ll run out of ink before we run out of passion for spreading the JOY.”

One idea that had been cooking (yes—pun intended!) for a while was a documentary style video.  Texas Coffee Company President, Joseph Fertitta, along with Vice President, Donald Fertitta, and their affable Sales Manager, Toby Castro, all had brilliant ideas of ways to showcase the personality and tell the history of the company. However, they also wanted to show what’s ahead for the next 100 years.  The result is a series of short videos that cover the origin story, the Saltgrass 7 Spice, family members and history, insightful stories, and exciting new things like some of the newer seasonings and coffee k-cups. The videos are loaded up at the TexJoy YouTube channel and

“For folks who know and use TexJoy seasonings or Seaport Coffee, yes, they’re going to enjoy the stories, they’ll have fun reminiscing and sharing…but to consumers or retailers who are new to us, this helps to really paint a picture of what our products are all about, who we are…” says Toby Castro.  “We have 3rd and 4th generation family out here. That doesn’t just happen. There’s pride and passion in all that we do at the Texas Coffee Company.”

See the videos, TV commercial, cookbooks, photos, infographic, and sorts of goodies at plus!—stay tuned for more fun surprises throughout the rest of the year!

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